‎‎‎‎A 20:20 Vision of the Wicked

‎‎‎‎A 20:20 Vision of the Wicked

Pastor Jonathan VandenHurk Preaching this message ‎‎‎‎‎”A 20:20 Vision of the Wicked” from Job 20:20 in our 2020 Vision series.

[[Job 20:20]]

[[Job 23:10]]

[[Job 1:21]]

[[Job 2:10]]

[[Job 13:15]]

[[Job 19:25]]

Zophar’s theology:

  1. The wicked don’t live very long, v4-9
  2. The wicked don’t enjoy anything, v18, 23
  3. The wicked don’t die happy, v24-25
  4. The wicked don’t leave anything behind, 28-29. 

Job’s Response:

  • WHY does God treat the wicked better than me?, v7-9
  • WHY do I have financial problems that others don’t? V10, 13
  • WHY does the unbeliever have plenty of children and I don’t? V11, 8
  • WHY does the wicked man enjoy better physical health than I do? V13b, 23-24
  • WHY do those who care nothing for God seem to live a carefree life? V12, 14-15
  • WHY do the ungodly men get the promotions and places of power while I am ignored, v7
  • WHY doesn’t God judge the hypocrisy of sinners so that their children will be warned, v19-21

[[Eccl. 8:11]]

  • WHY doesn’t God make His own uniquely special? V23-26
  • WHY are they more honoured in death, v31-32?

Death is not then end!

[[Psalm 73:1-22]]

[[Ps. 37:35-36]]

In the end…

*The Wicked’s Triumph is Temporary.

*The Wicked’s Sweetness Sours

*The Wicked’s Peace Passes

++*Christ’s Triumph Is Eternal

*Christ’s Sweetness Never Fades

*Christ’s Peace Passes Understanding

[[Job 23:10]]

[[Pr. 17:3]]

  • God knows what I don’t know.
  • ++God is testing me and knows what He’s doing.
  • ++God’s goal is that Christ may be seen in me.

[[Romans 8:29]]

[[1 Peter 1:6]]

[[Mark 8:36]]

[[Job 16:10]]

[[Job 21:20]]


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